04 November 2011

General Lere: F-FDTL is waiting for reform law

East Timor Legal News 4 Nov 2011 Source: Diario Nacional 31 October 2011 language source: Tetun - General Commander of the Timorese Defense Force (F-FDTL) Major General Lere Anan Timur said they are waiting for the reform law to retire FFDTL officials who are now old.

"We do not have reform law yet up to this time and therefore we are preparing our conditions that if the reform law is produced then those old official should be retired," General Lere said.

He added that substitution of F-FDTL commanders will be done by President of republic as he will nominate a figure to lead F-FDTL, but it does not match the internal regulation of the defence institution.

"The law produced by our parliament outlined that commander of the components will be nominated by the president of republic, but it does not correspond to internal regulations and therefore we are waiting to have an alteration about nomination," he said.

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