30 November 2011

Military officer stabbed to death by wife

East Timor Legal News 30/11/2011 Source: Independente 29/11/2011 - A Timorese Defence Force (F-FDTL) officer, Damiao Soares, was stabbed to death by his wife on last Friday.

Soares was killed by his spouse in Golgota sub-village in Komoro Village because of a family problem.

Soares' wife, whose initials are MDL is alleged to have stabbed her husband to death and is now being locked up in the police detention center for investigation purposes.

An unmanned source said the suspect and her husband were involved in a verbal argument becasue the victim did not have money to buy rice, adding that the suspect stabbed to death her husband because the victim tried to mistreat his wife; therefore his wife took a knife and stabbed her husband's chest.

The source added they had many times involved in verbal arguing, adding that MDL had many times reported his husband to the Military Police about violations against her but unfortunately the case was never resolved.

MDL said it was not the first time that they have had family problems adding that her husband had many times violated her.

"When he returned from the office, he talked to me well and therefore I asked him to take off his uniform in order to help look after our child, but he got angry and wanted to beat me and that was why I took a knife and stabbed him. I took my child and ran away into the darkness and after that I made a contact through 112 for emergency call and I said I did it myself because he beat me," MDL said.

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