30 November 2011

President Horta urges Parliament to close down criminal cases from 1974-1999

East Timor Legal News 30/11/2011 Source: Independente 29/11/2011 - President Jose Ramos Horta has called on the Parliament to approve an amnesty law in order to give social justice for the Timorese who are living in Kupang in Indonesia.

"I am calling on them to pay attention to an amnesty law in order to help closing down the existing problems. There are many people who are living in Atambua and Kupang in Indonesia and they are our brothers and sisters and they could not return to Timor-Leste but they also contribute to our country as they have never tried to destabilize the security situation at the border. There is a peace at the border and they are living calmly in their homes in Indonesia," Horta said.

Horta also called on the Parliamentarians to approve law for money laundering and financing terrorism.

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