11 November 2011

Yound woman shot dead by police in drunken rampage

PNTL: To serve and protect
East Timor Legal News 11 Nov 2011 Source: Radio Timor-Leste 8 Nov 2011- Two Timorese National Police (PNTL) officers shot dead a young girl named Lourdes Soares Guterres in Bobonaro district last Friday.

An 18-year old young girl was shot dead by police with their pistols on last Saturday night in Luruba village.

The Victim’s uncle, Gabriel Martins, said the initials of the perpetrators who shot his neice to death were AC and NM, adding that they are victim’s little father and uncle.

He added that the incident took place because the perpetrators were drunk as they participated in a traditional ceremony on Saturday, adding that the incident took place at 11:00 PM.

“We heard gun shots, but this was because they were drunk and they were in the house where the party was held. They fired the guns many times and we do not know whether the victim died at the first shot or subsequent shootings.

The victim was dead in the house after we took her into the house,” he said.

Bobonaro District Police Commander, Superintendent Joao Belo dos Reis, said it was true that two of his members were involved in the shootings but they were not representing PNTL to kill people. He said they should be responsible for such an act of crime because they breached the Penal Code.

“The law does not allow any off-duty officers to carry guns to his or her home, but unfortunately they carried pistols with them when they attended a traditional ceremony and they did not use the gun based on the procedures,” dos Reis Said. “The victim has been autopsied in Dili and the two assailants have been presented to the Kovalima District court for legal proceedings,” he said.
PNTL officer shoots dead a female student
Source: Independente 8 Nov 2011 - Two Timorese National police (PNTL) officers shot dead a female student in Lourba village, Bobonaro sub district, the western district of Bobonaro last Friday (4/11).

The suspects who are the members of the Border Police Unit (UFP) shot the deceased Lulu at a birthday party night of her friend. Twenty-year old Lulu was currently doing her study at a public school called Malibaca Secondary School.

These two police officers shot at Lulu’s stomach and her thigh and the shootings made the people in the party shocked and panic. National Investigation Service Commander Calisto Conzaga said the suspects were being detained and were disarmed for investigation purposes. PNTL also has taken necessary action against the two suspects and will take the case to the court, he said.
Members of UPF shoots dead a girl in Bobonaro Source: Suara Timor Lorosae 8 Nov 2011- Two member of the Border Police Unit (UPF) engaged in conflict which led to the death of Lulu. Lulu was dead at the scene, because she was shot by BPU police officers in her thigh and stomach.

Criminal Investigation Service (SIC) Commander Superintendent Calisto Gonzaga said the General Command has disarmed the two UPF members who engaged in the fatal shootings.

“The command has taken the necessary action against them and the case needs to be taken to the court for first hearing in Kovalima District court and the command is waiting for the court’s decision,” he said.

Gonzaga explained that the incident involved a number of young men, including a member of UPF and a common police officer. He refused to make much comment over the case because the case is now in the process of investigation, adding that the incident is a serious crime.

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