04 November 2011

HAK and JSMP urge court to speed up process of Bras case

East Timor Legal News 4 Nov 2011 Source: Diario Nacional 28 October 2011 language source: Tetun - The Timorese Human Rights Association (HAK) and the Timorese Judicial System and Monitoring Program (JSMP) have called on the court to speed up the process of the case of the Dili District Administrator Ruben Brass de Carvalho.

"The judges will process the case based on the law, but it is important for them to make a decision as soon as possible so that he [de Carvalho] can be responsible for any acts of crime he committed," Director of HAK, Rogerio Viegas Vicente said.

JSMP said it is important for the court to make a fair decision on this case as soon as possible.

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