18 November 2011

Police, military and UNPol deployed to restore order in Baukau following recent conflict and murder

Map showing sub-districts of Baucau (Baukau), East Timor
East Timor Legal News 18/11/2011 Source: Televizaun Timor-Leste 17/11/2011 - The security situation in Baucau District is under control as the situation is controlled by the Baucau District Police and the Timorese Defence Force (FFDTL) as well as the United Nations Police.

Operational Police Commander in Baucau District, Inspector Chief Joao J. da Silva Baptista, said the residents in rural areas such in Baguia and Quelicai are staying in a calm situation after the recent conflict in those areas.

"The security situation in the six subdistricts in Baucau District is under control," Baptista said.

"The general security situation in Baucau is under control," Squad Commander of F-FDTL in Baucau, Sergeant Miguel de Carvalho Soares said.

The Police also detained an assailant who killed a person in Buibao village, and the detainee is now in the prison waiting for further legal proceedings.

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