24 November 2011

Hotel manager and wife stabbed to death in Dili hotel

East Timor Legal News 24/11/2011 Source: Televizaun Timor-Leste 23/11/2011 - The manager of the Garden Beach Hotel, Hei Sen and his wife Monica Chin Hui Jia were found dead in their bed room.

These two Malaysian were suspected being killed by unknown people and the dead bodies are now in mortuary of the National Hospital of Guido Valadares (HNGV).

The Timorese Criminal Investigation Service (SIC) Commander Superintendent Calisto Gonzaga said that based on the evidence the victims were killed witha  knife.

“This is a murder case because we found wounds on the dead bodies and it seems they were stubbed. We need to hold further investigations to uncover the truth whether they were killed by unknown people or they killed themselves,” Gonzaga said.

He added that Mr. Hei was stubbed to death in his back whereas his wife was stubbed to death in her stomach, adding that the police will publicise complete information after the investigation and autopsy.
Hotel manager killed in their bedroom Independente 23/11/ 2011 - A husband and wife were stabbed to death in their bedroom at the Beach Garden Hotel in Pantai Kelapa, Dili on Monday night.

The victims – He Sen from China and his wife Monica Chin - were from Malaysia and were both managers at the hotel.

The Head of the PNTL Criminal Investigation Service Calisto Gonzaga said both had been stabbed in the back. A knife and food prints were found in the room, he said.

“We saw (they) were stabbed but we need to look properly at whether they both killed by someone else or they killed themselves,” he said

INDEPENDENTE observed yesterday morning that the victims’ bedroom window was broken and there was blood on the glass.

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