12 November 2011

Two police officers held in Dili jail after fatal shooting

East Timor Legal News 12 Nov 2011 Source: Independente 11 Nov 2011 - The two police officers who fatally shot a 20-year old girl in Bobonaro district on Friday are now in Jail Becora, Dili, PNTL's Deputy Commander, Afonso de Jesus said.

Mr. de Jesus said the two officers had been disarmed as soon as possible after the shooting and taken to Suai Court for a hearing before being sent to jail in Dili.

They will face court again after a Public Prosecution investigation, he said.

"I think the action we are going to take will be serious to them both. This means they can be sacked," he said. He said his institution would not tolerate any police officer who broke the law.
UPF police in prison: De Jesus Source: STL 11 Nov 2011 - Timorese deputy police commander Afonso de Jesus said that the members of the Border Police Unit (UPF) who shot dead a high school in Bobonaro were now in prison. De Jesus added that the case was still in the process of investigation, but his officers were being locked up.

"We already informed all our members when going out of the office they should leave their weapons and ammunition," said De Jesus.

The gun and ammunitions may be carried only based on the commander's instruction, he said.

MP demands answers after police shoot high school student dead Source: Independente 9 November 2011 - The fatal shooting of a high school student by police in Bobonaro district must be investigated seriously, President of the Parliamentary Committee B, Duarte Nunes said.

A 20-year old Malibaka high school student died after she was shot in the leg and stomach while attending her  friend's birthday party on Friday.

"It must be investigated. (That) someone died is a crime. Police must explain clearly why they shot someone," he said.

He said his committee was working hard to get clear information about the shooting.

ASDT MP Francisco Araujo said it was sad that a young life had been cut short. "As the people's representative I am dissatisfied with the attitude displayed by members of PNTL against the people," he said. Police officers had to show their professionalism and nationalism in their duty so that community could trust them, he said.

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