07 October 2008

Gusmao says he won't allow East Timor instability

ABC Radio Australia 7 October 2008 22:05:40 - East Timor's prime minster says he will not allow a new wave of instability as the opposition Fretilin party prepares for a demonstration in the capital Dili.

Our reporter in Dili, Stephanie March, says Prime Minister Xanana Gusmao is concerned Fretilin opposition party plans to mobilize tens of thousands of rural supporters to march to Dili could lead to renewed instability, similar to the crisis of 2006.

He says he while he welcomes peaceful political demonstrations, anyone involved in unlawful acts of violence, will be arrested and prosecuted, without exception.

Fretilin leaders say the peace march is not about attacking the government or causing instability, but an opportunity for their supporters to demonstrate their commitment to the ideals of peace, democracy and justice.

They plan to hold the march following a party reshuffle, but are yet to set an exact date.

There has been ongoing friction between the AMP government and the Fretilin opposition party who say the coalition is illegitimate.

Image: Prime Minister of East Timor Xanana Gusmao

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