25 April 2012


Dili, 24 April 2012 Ministers, Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen,
Thank you very much for coming here today to be part of this important signing ceremony.

This occasion marks an important milestone in the implementation of Timor-Leste’s Strategic Development Plan.

The Strategic Development Plan provides a long term vision that builds on the foundations that we have already built for our nation.
Together, we have achieved security and peace.

We are consolidating democratic governance and have built our State institutions.

And we are working hard to improve our health care and our education system and to alleviate poverty.

Ladies and gentlemen,
The Strategic Development Plan focuses on three key areas: social capital, infrastructure development and economic development.

Today is an important step to realising the targets that we have set ourselves for infrastructure development.

Timor-Leste needs to build core infrastructure not only to underpin our growth, but to create jobs and support the development of our private sector.
While quality infrastructure is essential to be able to develop socially and economically, the scale and cost of addressing this challenge is significant.
We have already started to address this challenge.

The Infrastructure Fund has been established to provide a vehicle for us to finance infrastructure projects.

And the government has set up the National Procurement Commission, the National Development Agency and the Major Projects Secretariat to make sure that what we build meets the needs and aspirations of our people.

Ladies and Gentleman,
The National Procurement Commission is still a young institution and we have given it a very big responsibility – to procure large projects.The National Procurement Commission is still a young institution and we have given it a very big responsibility – to procure large projects.

The work of the Commission covers the whole procurement cycle: from issuing a procurement notice, and evaluating proposals from different companies, to recommending which company should be awarded the contract.

The projects the Commission will be asked to procure span across many sectors and include roads and bridges, ports and airports, water and sanitation, public housing, schools and hospitals.To undertake this critical task it is important that the Commission has the best international support available.
This is why I am pleased that the Commission has been able to secure the services of the international procurement firm Charles Kendall and Partners.

I believe this company will provide excellent advice and support to the Commission and will help it to develop the necessary tools to undertake its role.

Charles Kendall and Partners will also help to address some of the short term human resource capacity requirements of the Commission.

Importantly, the company will help to make sure that our major infrastructure projects are of good quality, provide value for money and are managed with the highest levels of transparency, professionalism and integrity.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Thank you again for attending this important event.

I would like to wish the National Procurement Commission every success with this contract and welcome Charles Kendall and Partners to Timor-Leste.

I am confident that together you will work well to build our infrastructure and support our national development.
Thank you very much.

Kay Rala Xanana Gusmao 24 April 2012

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