28 April 2012

Lobato’s husband made $ 97,000 off justice ministry project, witness claims

Independente, April 26, 2012 - Americo Lopes, husband of Justice Minister Lucia Lobato, received US $ 97,000 for facilitating a contract for a justice ministry project, the Dili District Court has heard. Ms. Lobato is facing trial on charges of corruption, collusion and nepotism related to the provision of uniforms to prison guard, rehabilitation of the Becora-Gleno prison, and the construction of civil registration conservatory office in eight districts. The first of three witnesses for the Public Ministry to appear before the court yesterday was Nacario da Silva, the director Wesupa Construction Unipesoal Lda. Wesupa Construction Company was awarded the project to supply uniforms to prison guard in 2008. Mr. da Silva told the court that, at that time, Mr. Lops, the director for Pualaka told him about the tender process for the justice minister project and asked Wesupa to apply. He said Mr. Lopes told him when Wesupa won the contract, he wanted ten 10% of the proceeds.

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