09 April 2012

Police recover UD $156,740.00 stolen from BNU

Diario Nacional, January 10, 2012 language source: Tetun

The Criminal Investigation Service (SIC) has recovered US $157,740.00 from the total of US $209,600.00 which was stolen on January 4th from the Banco Nacional Ultramarino (BNU) in Baucau District, says Baucau Operational Police Commander Inspector Chief Joao D. S. Baptista.

Baptista affirmed that they found the money yesterday during a house-to-house search of four houses belonging to the local residents where the money was hidden.

“The result of house-to-house search showed that the police were able to find money at the residence of former staff of BNU in Baucau with initials JX and AS and the total money found is US $58,740.

Police continue to check on another staff of BNU with the initial AG and the police found 585 of Euro and US $9000.00.

The Police continue to check a house in Buibau and the initial of the house owner is JN and the police found US $60,000.00 and therefore the total money found by police is $156,740.00,” Baptista said.

He added that they started to investigate the staffs of the referred bank since they had information that there was US $209,600.00 went missing at BNU in Baucau on 4th January. He explained that they cooperated with Criminal Investigation Service (SIC) for holding operations or searching for houses in which they believed the money was hidden adding that they searched the referred housesat 2:00 yesterday.

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