08 April 2012

Victims from Taibesi Marketplace call for their rights

East Timor Legal News 7 March 2012 Timor post, January 26, 2012 language source: Tetun - Spokesperson for the 2006 military crisis Victims Paulo Soares on behalf of the victims have called on the Government to pay compensation for their properties destroyed during the crisis.

He threatened to mobilise people to hold rallies if the Government took slow action to respond to their demand. “If the Government does not respond to our demands, then we will take a big action in order to see our losses compensated and we will never be afraid of calling for our rights,” Soares said.

He added that the military crisis happened due to the political tendency or conflict of the state leaders and finally the grassroots people become victim. He made the statements in a press conference held in Quintal Boot, because the Government had not yet responded their demands to date.

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