28 April 2012

Parliament to discuss electoral law today

Diario Nacional, April 26, 2012 language source: Tetun - MP Arao Noe de Jesus from the national Congress for the Timorese reconstruction (CNRT) said that they would discuss the electoral law today as the referred law No. 40 prejudiced voters during the election. He said that it was important to amend the referred law in order to allow voters to attend election anywhere, adding that many people did not vote in the first and second round of the presidential elections due to the electoral law forcing them to vote in their respective village at which they produced their electoral card in. MP Rui Menezes from the Democratic Party (PD) who is a member of the Parliamentary Committee A for law and constitution said that their committee already analyzed the referred law and already submitted to be debated and to be amended it. “We the commission already reviewed the law and it is not many but there are two parts that if the voters do not have electoral card then they can use their passport and to facilitate voters to vote in the election anywhere, and I hope it could be approved today,” MP Menezes said.

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