27 April 2012

Fundasaun Mahein (FM): FM Congratulates Security Actors for a Job Well Done

Fundasaun Mahein, 26 April 2012

Press Release

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FM Congratulates Security Actors for a Job Well Done

Fundasaun Mahein (FM) would like to congratulate the PNTL, the F-FDTL,
STAE, CNE, political and religious leaders for their tireless efforts
in securing and ensuring a successful presidential election. These
security actors often come under strong criticism notably from us at
FM, however praise is in order this time around.

The above-mentioned actors as a whole acted in a professional and
fitting manner and this will allow the building of greater trust among
Timorese in their state institutions. This will also give our
international friends greater confidence in our ability to run our own
country with the imminent departure of UNMIT & the ISF. This also
gives us reason to be cautiously optimistic on the successful conduct
of the upcoming parliamentary election in July and for the future in

Both presidential rounds were marred by a few incidents, but on the
whole these were fairly minor and through the efforts made by the
relevant security actors who mobilized hand in hand, these were
successfully resolved and contained. A good example was the attack on
Taur Matan Ruak’s campaign headquarters in Taibessi, whereby the PNTL
acted swiftly to contain the incident. Credit should also be given to
political leaders in affirming their condemnation of the incident and
for preventing any sort of retaliation.

The presidential election was on the whole a success and to build upon
this success, FM recommends a couple of things. Firstly FM noted a
higher abstention rate than in previous elections. The lowering level
of political engagement among the population is of concern and FM
links this to the legal impediment forcing people to vote in their
places of registration. This forces people to travel great distances
and creates a financial burden many cannot assume and therefore FM
recommends that the National Parliament amend this law as soon as
possible, so that it no longer applies come the parliamentary

Secondly, FM recommends that STAE & CNE be given greater penal
authority with respects to electoral transgressions in time for the
parliamentary election. During the presidential election, when an
electoral transgression would be recorded, STAE & CNE would have to
call upon the intervention of the PNTL, whom would be reluctant to act
because they are more accustomed in dealing with physical acts of
violence. This created confusion and this could be settled by giving
greater punitive powers to STAE & CNE but also by clearly defining the
rules to all actors in relation to electoral transgressions.

FM hopes that all the security actors can build upon their excellent
performances during the presidential election and that this will
translate into a successful parliamentary election. We also hope that
political leaders will continue to engage in positive campaigning and
encourage their militants to do the same. Finally, we thank religious
leaders for tirelessly preaching for peace and hope they have the
strength to continue in the lead up to the next election.

FM supports all the positive things that have been done by all the
above-mentioned actors and congratulates them once again for it.
Congratulations are also in order for the people of Timor-Leste for
their conduct during the presidential election and for successfully
electing their next head of state. We hope that Timor-Leste can become
a good model to other post-conflict and developing nations.

For further information regarding this article please contact
Nélson Belo,
Director of Fundasaun Mahein
Email: nelson@fundasaunmahein.org
Tlp +670 737 4222

Fundasaun Mahein, 26 Abril 2012

Komunikadu Imprenza

FM Kongratula Ba Autor Siguransa Sira Nia Serbisu Diak

Fundasaun Mahein (FM) hakarak hato’o parabens ba PNTL, F-FDTL, STAE,
CNE, lider relijiuan hotu, partidus politiku, ba sira nia esforsu no
kna’ar ba susesu periodu eleisaun prezidente nian. Autor sira ne’e
sempre hetan kritika maka’as liu-liu husi Fundasaun Mahein (FM), maibe
ba biban ida ne’e FM fo agradesementu no kongratula maka’as ba susesu
hirak ne’e.

Mensiona ona iha leten, ba sira hotu nia kna’ar ne’ebe profesional
tebes ho maneira diak ne’e sei estabelese konfiansa boot entre Timor
oan sira ho mos institusaun estadu nian hotu. Susesu ida ne’e mos fo
konfiansa boot ba maluk internasional sira ba ita nia kapasidade atu
governa ita nia an rasik to tempu ba UNMIT & ISF husik Timor-Leste.
Susesu ida ne’e fo razaun ba Timor-Leste oan sira optimista ba
rezultadu eleisaun parlementar ne’ebe mai dadaun iha fulan Jullu ba
futuru in jeral nian.

Eleisaun prezidensial ba ronde daruak nian liu ba haburas ho insedente
balun, maibe jeralmente ne’e regista insedente naton tanba kna’ar
autor relevante ba siguransa nian ho sira nia mobilizasaun diak ikus
mai rezolve ho susesu. Ezemplu diak ida maka momentu iha sede nasional
kandidadu Taur Matan Ruak nia iha Taibessi hetan ataka, PNTL ho rapidu
atua insedente refere. Iha biban seluk mos, kreditu boot mos ami fo ba
lider politiku sira ne’ebe ho meus barak ba insedente refere atu
prevene ataka hasoru.

Eleisaun prezidensial hatudu susesu diak ba susesu tomak ne’ebe ita
hotu hatudu, tan ne’e ho biban ida ne’e FM rekomenda pontus balun:
Dahuluk FM regista partisipasaun eleitor sira ba vota ladun
signifikante ba eleisaun sira dahuluk nian. Partisipasaun politiku
entre populasaun tun no ne’e FM liga ba lei eleitor ne’ebe obriga ema
ba vota iha fatin sira ne’ebe registra ba. Lei ne’e obriga ema ba
fatin dok no tenki gastu orsan ba fatin sira refere para vota halo
elitor sira todan boot, tamba ne’e FM rekomenda ba Parlementu Nasional
atu halo amandementu ba lei refere atu nune lei ne’e labele aplika iha
elisaun parlementar mai.

Daruak, FM rekomenda atu lei elitor mos fo ba STAE & CNE autoridade
boot atu foti dezisaun penal nian ba krime elitoral nian iha elisaun
parlamentar nian mai. Durante eleisaun prezidensial liu ba wainhira
regista violasaun ba eleitor STAE & CNE dala ruma bolu PNTL halo
intervensaun ne’ebe lolos iha lei PNTL laiha kna’ar halo atuasuan ba
violasaun administrativa maibe PNTL so halo atuasaun ba violasaun
fizika. Ida ne’e kria konfuzaun ba lei eleitoral ne’ebe fo autoridade
boot ba STAE & CNE, maibe mos atu defini kna’ar ba autor relevante
ne’ebe trata asuntu ligasaun ba krime eleitoral.

FM husu ba autor siguransa sira ne’ebe hatudu ona lalaok diak durante
elisaun presidensial no husu atu kontinua aplika ho susesu iha elisaun
parlementar. FM mos husu ba ulun boot politik sira kontinua halo
aprosimasaun pozitivu hodi tulun sira nia militantes sira halo hanesan
iha kampaña. Ikus nian, FM mos hato’o obrigadu barak ba lider
relijiuan sira ne’e kontinua serbisu maka’as iha sira nia aprosimasaun
ka homilia ba paz nian ba susesu iha eleisaun mai.

FM suporta ba kna’ar diak ne’ebe hetan ona ho pozitivu husi autor sira
hotu ne’ebe temi ona. Ami mos hakarak kongratula ba povu Timor-Leste
ba sira nia partisipasaun iha eleisaun prezidensial. Ami husu
Timor-Leste sai modelu dia ba nasaun sira ne’ebe pos konflitus sira.

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