08 April 2012

Three suspects are facing provisional imprisonment

BNU in Dili
East Timor Legal News 8 April 2012 Diario Nacional, January 17, 2012 language source: Tetun -Three people who are alleged to involve in criminal act to steal money at the Banco Nacional Ultramarino (BNU) in Baucau district were facing provisional imprisonment, says the Criminal Investigation Service (SIC) Commander. Superintendent Calisto Gonzaga, said that the result of investigation showed that there were four people who were believed to assault BNU staff and stole the money.

"We identified four people, regarding BNU case and three of them are now facing provisional imprisonment and another one is not yet because of his health condition but he/she is also an assailant," Gonzaga said.

He added that they have collected back money stolen, more than half of the total money lost or thieved.

Regarding the recent murder case at Garden Beach Hotel in Pantai Kelapa, he said that they have processed three people and two of them with the initial AN and STAR were facing provisional imprisonment.

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