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08 April 2012

Catholics in Balibo attack new religion

Map showing location of Balibo
East Timor Legal News 8 April 2012 Source: Suara Timor Lorosae January 17, 2012, Language source: Tetun - Catholics in Balibo Sub District attacked a group of new religion for being suspect disseminating doctrines for the people. The conflict happened in the Leohito Village, Balibo Sub District and left 17 people injured and they are receiving medical treatment at the Referral Hospital in Maliana. Unnamed sources said that the group was attacked because they insulted Catholic priests and sisters.

Administrator for Bobonaro District, Domingos Martins said every citizen should respect the law and for those who want to conduct their activities should firstly consult with the local authorities for securing their activities. He added that RDTL Constitution guarantees every person the right to choose their own religion and therefore no one has rights to hamper another people to join with other new religion.

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