11 April 2012

Horta: Electoral law not amended, Government should facilitate voters

Independente, April 10, 2012 language source: Tetun - President of the Republic Jose Ramos Horta has called on the Government to facilitate people with transport so that they can return to their respective village to vote.

He said that he was displeased with the current electoral law as it prejudiced people to vote in the presidential election.

“There is a bit mistake in the electoral law, as it forces people to go to the place where they registered their electoral card and I do not understand, the Government should resolve the problem which appears in this law,” President Horta said.

He added, “The Government should prepare trucks, or other mini trucks to drop people to their districts and it should be free and I think its cost will not be more than US $1 million or US $300 thousand. It is complicated if people have to pay it and I do not really agree with this.”

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