09 April 2012

Former petitioners threaten MP’s life

Independente, January 10, 2012 - Social Democratic Party MP Agusto Tara said some former petitioner group members in Comoro, Dili, wanted to kill him because he supported former F-FDTL Commander Taur Matan Ruak’s bid to run for president of the republic.

Mr. Tara told the Parliament yesterday he had not met the people who were threatening him but had heard about their intentions. If he travelled between Likisa and Ermera the group would launch an attack on him, he said.

“Because of the candidacy of ‘brother’ Taur, some former petitioners and youths threatened to kill me,” he said. Tara said he supported Mr. Ruak’s presidential campaign because they were both veterans. The ex-petitioners spokesperson, Gastao Salsinha said most of his former members were unhappy with Mr. Tara but this had nothing to do with Mr. Ruak’s presidential candidacy.

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