25 April 2012

Baucau District Police investigates two people

Timor Post, April 19, 2012 language source: Tetun - Baucau District Police is currently investigating two people as they were believed to have committed acts of crime by throwing stones at local residents’ houses in Triloka village, the eastern district of Baucau.

Baucau District Police Commander Superintendent Chief Faustino da Costa said that the two suspects who stoned people’s houses were drunk.

He added that the police also already questioned the owners of the houses or victims and some other witnesses for more information about this case. He added that the assailants were believed to be the supporters of a certain presidential candidate.

He said that they would continue to hold patrol in the places at which the conflict always appeared. “The general security situation in Baucau is going well even though there were widespread rumors, saying something will happen in Baucau, but the police are prepared at the moment to respond to the situation effectively,”da Costa said.

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