17 May 2012

Comoro market vendors moved to Manleuana marketplace

Independent May 14, 2012 - The Ministry of Commerce, Tourism and Industry (MTCI) cooperated with the Dili District Water and Sanitation Service (SAS) and Dili District Police to relocate sellers in the Comoro marketplace to Manleuana marketplace which is prepared by the Government.

Dili Disctrict Administrator Gaspar Soares affirmed that some sellers disagreed with SAS and MTCI officials to remove them from that place on Friday, but finally they agreed to be removed after they received an explanation from the Dili District Administrator.

“Today (Friday), (after) we arrived it initially got a little lively between sellers and the district SAS and MTCI but then we explained (the situation) to them and succeeded in moving them,” Soares said. Soares added that they moved those sellers who sell local products firstly and those who sell fish and other meat would be the next.

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