25 May 2012

Dili district court summons Elia Vong and Henriques Ximenes

Diario Nacional May 24, 2012, Language Source: Tetun - Dili District court continues to try Minister for Justice, Lucia Lobato in relation to the abuse of power and corruption cases.

The Court summoned Elia and Henrique Ximenes to testify in the court regarding the case. Defendant Antonio de Araujo Freitas said the civil conservatory registration offices built in eight districts had been mired in corruption.

Freitas said the Dili district court summoned the witness Elia Vong as a director of Zorro construction Lda to give her declaration in the court. “It is right Elia Vong Company won the tender and I myself signed the tender document in the ministry of justice,” Vong said.

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