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08 May 2012

Declaration From Taur Matan, President Elect, on Announcement of Results of the Presidential Elections, 2012-2017

Dili, APRIL 18, 2012

With the announcement of the final result of election by STAE, despite that the Court of Appeal has yet to proclaim the final result, I would like to make my first declaration:

1 – The first part of my statement is intended for the dearest people of Timor Leste. You have shown to the world through your activism, discipline and engagement that we are ready to assume responsibility over our own future. Therefore, I humbly stand before you to state that I am ready to accept the responsibility which you have bestowed upon me through a free and democratic election.

2 – I would like to convey a special message to my brother and compatriot Lu]Olo. He adopted an exemplary and dignified posture well throughout the campaign period. To the militants and sympathizers of FRETILIN, I would like to say that no one will be excluded. Our country needs all of us, every Timorese. As responsible citizens they honour FRETILIN, a historic party; it deserves our respect.

3 – I would like to thank organizations, political parties and individuals, in the spirit of fraternity, who collaborated with me throughout the process beginning from the 10th of October last year. A collaboration heightened during the two electoral rounds:

Region I
Region II
Region III
Region IV
Autonomous Region

Mass Based Organizations
01 -001
Central Haburas
Dentri Halibur
Dentri JHS
Fuan Domin
Student Youths
Klibur Juventude Resistência
Mate Restu Bibleo Kraras
Organização Arte Jenatos
Organização Resistência Loriku Matu Dotu (ORLMD)
Organização Unidade Nasional
Sagrada Família
Santo António/Bua Malus
Unidade São José/JHS

Political Parties
Members of RETILIN
Members of PD
Members of PSD

For all the work performed in the last few months. For all the dedicated men and women who wholeheartedly and tirelessly worked for my candidature; My Victory Team! All and each one of you, Thank You very much!

4 – My appreciation also goes to the hard and competent work carried out by STAE and CNE. They have shown competency and political will to ensure that the elections were democratic, free and just. Without their dedication and performance, the last election would not have achieved the same success. Also I have not forgotten to convey my sincere appreciation to the ballot representatives and all the national observers for their discrete but eficacious work.

5 – I would like to express my appreciation in the spirit of friendship to the journalists and all the national news agencies for their tireless work. Timor Leste counts on you in the future to guarantee our population access to information. This serves as an instrument to enhance our people’s participation and angagement in our country’s development process.

6 – I also would like to express my sincere appreciation to the international community for their support which they have given to us. The role of international observers and international news agencies, who participated in the last two elections and who covered the elections through producing reports and articles which guarantee credibility of the electoral act to meet international standards. The world knew about the peaceful atmosphere and strong political maturity from you. Thank you for coming here, either from afar or nearby, to transmit to the world about the way Timor Leste is growing and fortifying itself as a sovereign nation]state.

7 – I also would like to convey my homage to all religious groups in Timor Leste. I am reminded of the peace actions during the process which ended on April 16.

8 – As a basic duty, I would like to acknowledge the role of my family throughout the process and allowing me to come together and talk to you here today.

9 – I would like to convey a very special message to the outgoing President of the Republic, Dr. José Ramos-Horta, for all the support he has given during all these years. I am certain that all the citizens also share my profound appreciation for his noble work; competent and dignified work which he has done for the motherland. Mr. President, Excellency, the people will continue to count on you. After a much deserved break, I hope to continue to count on you, on your experience, vast knowledge and dedication to the country.

10 – I am aware of the extent of the responsibilty which I will take upon me from 20th of May onwards. I count on the precious contributions from my two predecessors ] Xanana Gusmão and Dr. José Ramos]Horta – for a future filled with Peace, Prosperity and Development for our country.

11–I would like to reaffirm, the motto I pronounced in the beginning of that long process:


After all, this objective can only be attained if the citizens also participated and became engaged, only if they cooperate and became active in the development of our country. Democracy will not advance and become solid without a responsible citizenry.

I wanted to be a President for ALL TIMORESE. And I want every Timorese to get involved in the building of our nation’s future to ensure a better life for all the citizens.


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