06 May 2012

FTM to take Commander Belo to court

Timor Post, May 4, 2012 language source: Tetun - Labor Front (FTM) has pledged to take Dili District Police Commander, Pedro Belo to the court regarding the detention of 84 protestors during the May Day peace rally last Tuesday. FTM wants to take Mr. Belo to the court due to he was the one who provoked the protestors during the peace rally. “After the hearing for our 84 colleagues’ result announced, we will take Pedro Belo to the court as he and his officers provoked first the protestors,” Spokesperson for FTM Carolino Marques said. Staff member of Fundasaun Mahein, Frei Guterres said the police had not professionally responded to the rally as they did not coordinate well such activity to avoid error during the rally. The Dili District Police Commander, Pedro Belo said the police had investigated the case and would submit its findings to the Public Prosecution to study it.

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