08 May 2012

Fundasaun Mahein (FM): Another Step in the Right Direction

The 16th of April marked a momentous occasion in Timor-Leste’s
history. All Timorese should be proud of the smooth and peaceful run
off election that took place yesterday. This marks a further step into
the right direction for this small country of ours and solidifies the
democratization and developmental process.

The second round of the presidential election was on the whole
peaceful, with only a few minor incidences, and this shows that the
people of Timor-Leste are resolute in their desire for non-violent
actions and have sent a clear message to those who seek to provoke

Fundasaun Mahein (FM) congratulates the people of Timor-Leste for
successfully electing their next president. We hope that people will
continue to actively engage with their newly elected president and
will maintain this level of political engagement so as to ensure
peaceful parliamentary elections due in early July.

FM congratulates the PNTL as well as UNPOL for their support in
ensuring the security of this presidential election. The successful
conduct of these past two elections will increase people’s trust in
the ability of our security forces. We would also like to congratulate
STAE & CNE for the successful organization of this presidential
election. The two candidates, their success teams as well as the
political leaders of this country should also be applauded for their
roles in ensuring a successful and largely peaceful campaign and
election. Finally, the religious leaders of this country should be
thanked for their devotion in promoting peace and we thank the
international community for their continuing support.

Having successfully overcome the first two of our three main
challenges this year, FM hopes that this success will be translated
into a successful parliamentary election, which would cement
Timor-Leste’s position in the world as a stable and democratic
country, and thus breaking away from its post-conflict nation status.
We hope that Timor-Leste could become a model for the successful
transition of post-conflict nations.

Pasu Ida Tan Ba Dalan Los Nian

Loron 16 April 2012 marka tan momentu importante iha historia
Timor-Leste nian. Timor oan hotu-hotu tenki orgullu ba lala’ok diak no
paz nia iha eleisaun horseik. Momentu ida ne’e katak pasu ida tan ba
dalan los nian ba nasaun ki’ik ne’ebé ita hotu nian ne’e hahu buras
iha demokrasia no prosesu dezenvolvimentu.

Eleisaun Prezidensial segunda volta iha ambiente paz nian maske iha
insidente ki’ik balun marka, ne’e hatudu katak povu Timor-Leste iha
vontade boot iha sira nia neon no hahalok tomak ho non violentu nudar
mensagem boot ba sira nian saseluk ne’ebe provoka halo violensia.

Fundasaun Mahein (FM) kongratula ba povu Timor-Leste ba susesu
eskoilla sira nia prezidente. FM espera katak emar sira ne’ebé
kontinua ativu iha involvementu saida deit ho sira nia prezidente
eleitu sei mantain level partisipasaun politiku atu nune’e fo garantia
ba eleisaun parlamentar ne’ebé sei realiza iha Jullu ne’e ho paz

FM mos kongratula ba PNTL no mos UNPOL ba suporta siguransa iha
eleisaun prezidensial ne’e. Ba organizadora eleisaun daruak nian
ne’ebé ho susesu boot ne’e sei atraku povu nia fiar ba nafatin ba
institusaun siguransa sira nia kapasidade. FM mos hato’o parabens no
kongratula ba STAE & CNE ba sira nia kapasidade ne’ebe organiza
eleisaun prezidensial ne’e. Parabens no kongratula mos ba kandidadu
nain rua , ba sira nia ekipa vitoria, lider politiku iha nasaun ne’e
ne’ebé tenki basa liman ba sira nia involvementu iha kampaña ho susesu
no damen nian iha eleisaun. Ikus nian mos FM hakarak hatoo ami nia
parabens no kongratula ba lider relijiuan sira, ba sira nia
involvementu promosaun damen nian, nomos ba komunidade internasional
sira ba suporta eleisaun durante ne’e.

Depois hetan susesu dahuluk nian ba obstaklu tolu ne’ebe iha tinan ida
ne’e, FM espera katak susesu ida ne’e sei traduz ba eleisaun
parlamentar ne’ebé sei susesu mos, ne’ebe sei hametin pozisaun
Timor-Leste nian iha mundu nudar nasaun ne’ebé stavel no demokratiku,
ho ida ne’e bele hadook Timor-Leste husi nasaun status pos-konflitus
sira. FM husu katak Timor-Leste sai hanesan modelu susesu ba
transisaun iha nasaun pos konflitus sira.

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