21 May 2012

A decade on, struggle for justice continues

Independente, May 18, 2012 - Families of Ana Lemos who was the Secretary of the Timorese Women Organization
(OPMT) was calling on the perpetrators to be responsible for their attitude of
sexually assaulting and killing Lemos in front of her mother in Bugasa home in
Ermera District.

“I don’t seek any revenge, but I miss my children. My three daughters. Two died of illness and one, Ana, (her death) injured my heart and it is sad to this day because the perpetrator who killed my child still walks freely in Indonesia,” the late Ana’s mother said. Ana Lemos who worked for UNTAET for organizing the August 30 referendum, was captured by an
Indonesian militia group led by Bola Guling, adding that she was sexually
assaulted and killed in front of her mother.

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