25 May 2012

Public Prosecution presents new witnesses for Minister Lobato's case

Independente, May 25, 2012 language source: Tetun - The Public Prosecution yesterday presented three new witnesses in the trial of the Justice Minister Lucia Lobato so that they could give their testimony.

A witness, Fonciano da Cruz, who is the Director for Administration and Finance of the Justice Ministry, said that he knew nothing about the process related to the construction project of the office of the Notaries in eight districts.

Another witness, Ricardo Soares who is also a staff of the Justice Minister and President of The Tender Committeefor the referred construction projects of the Notary's office in Ermera and Aileu districts, said that 16 companies competed in the tender process for the referred projects.

He added that there were only three companies passed or won the tender, but finally Minister Lobato only approved Ladi Construction.Lda to manage the project.

He added that he knew nothing about the process for the same project in Lospalos

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