02 May 2012

CPD Asks PM Xanana to Keep his Promise: “CPD-RDTL Demands a Veteran Replaces Longuinhos”

Timor Post Friday, 27 April 2012 (Translation from Tetum) The Popular Democratic Council (CPD-RDTL) has asked Prime Minister Xanana Gusmao to find a veteran who can replace the PNTL Commander General Longuinhos Monteiro.

This demand by CPD was made during a press conference held on Thursday (25/4/2012) at the CPD headquarters.

During the Presidential election campaigns, Commander Longuinhos was unable to respond to some violence that had occurred throughout the community.

“The commander general of the PNTL’s term must be terminated immediately and a veteran substitute him at the command of the PNTL, because, the commander has been incapable of responding to criminal activity during the recent election campaigns,” said the CPD spokesperson, Gil Fernandes.

Gil said that it is the veterans who have the experience and capacity to better lead the PNTL, and can held the institution to move forward, as they did with the fight against the Indonesian military which brought about a victory.

Gil added, these demands have been made because PM Xanana Gusmao himself pormised this to them during their public demonstration and open dialogue held at the Democracy Field on 5 October 2011, and because Longuinhos Monteiro’s term will end in 2012.

“We ask PM Xanana to keep this golden promise he made publicly to the gathered masses of 47,000 people,” Gil said.

The CPD spokesperson also declared that when PM Xanana replaces Commander Longuinhos, Commander Longuinhos will also have to be taken to court to answer charges of wrongdoing during his term as commander, which according to CPD are numerous, especially the action taken against CPD members in Bobonaro and Suai in 2010 and Quelicai and Baucau in 2011.

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