19 May 2012

Police do not discover any illegal guns in Ermera

Independente , May 16, 2012 language source: Tetun Deputy Commander for the Timorese Police, Commissioner of Police Afonso de Jesus has called on the politicians not to politicise the security situation, because they [PNTL] had never discovered any illegal guns in Ermera district.

"I just want to call on the politicians not to politicize the security institution, because PNTL has not received any official report about illegal guns in the country up to date," he said. De Jesus said that, the recent statements of MP in the Parliament were baseless as there was no evidence to prove it.

He added the police would make efforts to monitor and collect information on the illegal guns which might be still large in Ermera. The State Secretary for Security (SES) Francisco Guterres thanked MPs who made the statement in the Parliamentary Plenary about illegal guns, as it was a motivation for PNTL to search for illegal guns in the country.

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