28 November 2012

Additional Public Holidays 27 and 29 November 2012

ETLJB 27 November 2012 - The IV Constitutional Government of Timor-Leste grants a full day-off on November 27 and 29, 2012 to all employees and agents of ministries and the departments under their responsibilities, as well as organizations and institutes involved indirectly in State administration.

This decision is based on Law No 10/2005 from August 10 determining national holidays, official commemorative dates and days-off. Among those national holidays with fixed dates, the November 28 is the Day of the Proclamation of Independence and, this year, also celebrates the Centenary of the Revolt of Dom Boaventura (1912 – 2012) festivities to be held in Same, Manufahi district.

Article 3. of Law No 10/2005 stipulates that it is the civic right of all citizens, including students and government employees to participate in the festivities and ceremonies which commemorate the Proclamation of Independence Day.

In order to allow the population to attend celebrations being organized to commemorate this centennial and in particular to allow for travel to Manufahi district, the Government grants tolerance days on 27 and 29 November, 2012.

Source: Presidency of Council of Ministers

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