10 November 2012

UNMIT to hand over unprocessed crimes cases to Timor-Leste Government

ETLJB 10 November 2012 - Independente reported on 7 November that the United Nations will hand over all serious crime cases committed in 1999 by the Indonesian military and militia in Timor-Leste to the Government of East Timor.

After the 1999 referendum that brought independence to Timor-Leste, many Timorese pro-independence were killed and tortured by the Indonesian military and its militia pro Jakarta.

After Timor-Leste’s in independence, the UN set up a team to look after the serious crimes, including identifying the cases. None of the alleged criminals have yet been taken to the international court.

The UN wants to bring those involved in 1999 serious crime to the international court, but the state of Timor-Leste does not agree.

Instead, the Timorese government feels reconciliation with Indonesia is more important than punishing these alleged criminals.

UNMIT is leaving Timor-Leste on December 31 of this year. A delegation from UN Security Council led by Baso Sangqu from South Africa, said that UNMIT would hand over the serious crime process to the state of Timor-Leste through the Prosecutor General’s office.

“The government will hold all responsibility and bring it on” said Sangqu.

Reske-Nielsen said that there were 396 crime cases registered but 300 cases had been solved. He said his office would talk to the government and address how to process the cases in the future.

NGOs in Dili asked the UN continue supporting the creation of the international court to judge the serious crime that happened in Timor-Leste.

Mr Sangqu said that UN Security Council is happy because Timorese people are now living in Peace and Stability.

“We met the President, Prime Ministry, Civil society, and the Church, declared that the Security situation in the country is already calm. It is strong evidence for us and we no doubt to leave Timor-Leste, said Sangqu.

The UN believes that the Timorese Police will work very well after the UN mandate and that Timor-Leste will always get support from the International community.

The UN delegation is composed by Baso Sangqu from South Africa Agshin Mehdiyev from Azerbaijan, Manjeev Singh Puri from India, Raza Bashir Tarar from Pakistan, João Maria Cabral from Portugal and Kodjo Menan from Togo.

They arrived in the country a few days ago to observe the real security situation after the recent general election.

Source: Jornal Independente

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