10 November 2012

Police identify suspects in Iralafea student poisoning case

ETLJB 10 November 2012 According to a report in Suara Timor Lorosae on 8 November 2012, the police have identified several persons who are suspected of having been involved in the poisoning of 54 students at the Iralafae Primary School in the Los Palos subdistrict, District of Lautem.

PNTL Deputy Commander, Afonso de Jesus, is reported to have said, after the Farewell ceremony for Malaysian the Police Commander at PNTL headquarter in Caicoli that the Lautem District police had identified the suspects.

“Regarding the poisoning case, PNTL has identified some suspects who were engaged in poisoning the students and the police are continuing investigating the case.' he said.

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