25 November 2012

CPD-RDTL using land for communal cultivation, President calls on security forces to control CPD-RDTL

ETLJB 25 November 2012 - There are more than 11000 members of the dissident group, CPD-RDL, still in Fatuberliu in the southern district of Manufahi causing problems for both local residents and the state authorities.

According to a report broadcast by Radio Timor-Leste on 23 November, the CDP-RDTL members are using land in the area to create communal corn and rice fields which are intended to provide food security and strengthening the Tmorese prople's economy.

A spokesperson for CPD-RDTL, Ivo Sequira, made the comments this effect in responding to the local residents' protests over the CPD-RDTL's presence in the area and the use of their land. There have also been allegations that CPD-RDTL have been slaughtering the local residents' livestock.

Mr Sequira said "We are using this land for farming and is abandoned land not belonging to anyone like some people said this is belonged to them. This land was used by the Indonesian Government for its transmigration program, meaning that it belongs to the state," he said.

But President Taur Matan Ruak has said that he will call on the Prime Minister and Minister for Defence and Security, Xanana Gusmao, to deploy the East Timor Defence Forces to the area.

Radio Timor Leste also reported on 23 November that the President made the statement during a dialogue with the CPD-RDTL members and the local community that was conducted to facilitate the process of communication last Wednesday 21 November.

"I will contact the prime minister to send F-FDTL members, especially the veterans, here to help communicate with both sides to avoid conflict," he said.

The dialog has not reached any solution as the two parties, CPD-RDTL and local residents did not accept each other.

In addition, the President has called on both the police and the military to control CPD-RDTL and to provide security for the people in Fatuberliu who have been intimidated and frightened by the CPD-RDTL members' presence, their wearing of military uniforms and forcibly using land in the area for cultivation.

According to a Timor Post report on 23 November, the President said that people should not panic about the presence of CPD-RDTL because F-FDTL and PNTL would provide security during the CPD-RDTL's cooperative activities.

Deputy President of the National Parliament, Adriano Nascimento, also called on the police to control CPD-RDTL's activities.

"Civilians have no right to use force within the community, therefore we are calling on PNTL to control CPD-RDTL's activities in Manufahi District," Nascimento said.

The mobilisation and congegration of so many of CPD-RDTL's members is an ominous sign of what may happen in East Timor once the UN mission ends and all international security forces are terminated.

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Sources: Radio Timor Leste, Timor Post. Edited by Warren L. Wright

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