22 November 2012

CPD-RDTL using residents' land, MP calls for action against CPD-RDTL's wearing of military uniforms

manufahi map
Map showing Manhfahi District
ETLJB 22 November 2012 - The Sub-District Administrator of Fatuberliu in Manufahi District, Tobioas Hornai, stated yesterday that local residents in his area did not want to accept the presence of more than 7000 CPD-RDTL members who were currently moving around there.

Mr. Hornai said the residents reject their presence because they were forcibly using the residents' plantation land as their base for carrying out activities.

"The local residents do not accept their presence in Fatuberliu as they are using the people's land for their activities. I met with them with some police officers and requested that they commence a dialog with the local residents, but they refused," he said.

The President of the Republic is planning to meet with CPD-RDTL members and the local residents in the area.

Meanwhile, a member of Parliament has called for the necessary action to be taken against CPD-RDTL if its members are violating the law.

Jornal Independente reported yesterday that the Deputy President of the Parliament, Aderito Hugo, said that while Timor-Leste's Constitution stated that every Timorese citizen had right to establish an association or organization, it did not permit semi-military movements which was in contradiction with the law.

In relation to CPD-RDTL's movement in which its members are in military uniform and frightening the people, Mr. Hugo called on Ministry for Defence and Security to order the police to respond to it because according to the Constitution, only Timorese National Police (PNTL) and the Timorese Defense Force (F-FDTL) were allowed to wear military uniforms.

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Sources: Radio Timor-Leste, Jornal Independente. Edited by Warren L. Wright. Map: en.wikipedia.org

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