17 November 2012

Man stabbed on Dili street

ETLJB 17 November 2012 - The Criminal Investigation Services has submitted the case of the stabbing of a 23 year old man from Bairro Pite, in Dili, to the Prosecutor’s Office.

“Just recently the victim’s family reported the incident and I personally sent it on to the Personal Crimes Unit and after undergoing appropriate process, it was referred to the Prosecutor’s Office,” said SIC Director Calisto Gonzaga, in Caicoli, Dili.

The incident took place on 29 September 2011 around 7:20 in the evening during a fracas near the Bairro Pite roundabout.

“The victim was stabbed straight after alighting from a microlet [small bus] just a hundred or so meters from where an altercation seemed to be taking place. I am not sure under what circumstances the victim was stabbed, however information points to someone from the fight actually having committed the deed,” said Director Gonzaga.

Member of Parliament (MP) Inacio Moreira said the incidence of stabbing has risen alarmingly and the National Police (PNTTL) must make greater efforts to reduce it.

“PNTL must work harder to prevent this sort of crime, however it’s hard to say whether the stabbing at Bairro Pité was spontaneous or pre-meditated and the PNTL must establish that,” said the MP.

According to him patrols must increase and asked the courts deal severely with criminals who disturb the peace.

Source: The Dili Weekly

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