03 November 2012

Public submissions on draft laws from Ministry of Justice closes 16 November 2012

ETLJB 03 November 2012 - The Ministry of Justice has several draft laws on which public submissions may be made by 16 November 2012.

The Justice Ministry website states that "Public consultation is considered one of the most important stages of the legislative process, to ensure access and participation of all concerned citizens in procedure and policy development and legislative initiative of the Ministry of Justice, thus enhancing transparency and access to desirable to legal information.

As such, the "Legislative Projects - Public Consultation" presents draft legislation initiated by the Ministry of Justice, under public consultation, inviting all interested parties to participate in the process of "making" of the laws.

The following draft legislation options reflect the policies of the Ministry of Justice on matters essential to the legal and normative framework of the justice sector, whether in the field of criminal policy and the proper administration of criminal justice or the protection of minors and juvenile justice."

The draft laws are:

1. Law on the Enforcement of Penalties and Custodial Deprivations of Personal Liberty;
2. Law Approving the Special Criminal Arrangements for Youths Aged Between 16 and 21 years;
3. Law on the Enforcement of Penalties to Provide for Community Service;
4. Law on Juvenile Justice; and
5. Code of the Rights of the Child

Interested parties may submit opinion, advice or comments, by 16 NOVEMBER 2012, to the following e-mails: projectos.consulta@mj.gov.tl   dnajl.konsulta@mj.gov.tl

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