06 November 2012

Council of Ministers approves new Decree-Law on Police Promotion Process

ETLJB 06 November 2012 - The East Timor Council of Ministers has approved a new decree-law to regulate the extraordinary promotions process within the national police.

Suara Timor Lorosae reported yesterday that the President of the Council of Ministers and official spokesman for the government, Agio Pereira, said that the new decree law is intended to help rank promotions in the police force.KM approve extraordinary promotion for PNTL

“The new decree-law is to help PNTL’s restructure and institutional recruitment plan,” Pereira said.

The press release from the Council of Ministers meeting on 24 October, in reporting the decision to approve the new law, stated that "in 2009 following the approval of the scheme of promotions, the police underwent a major transformation in terms of hierarchical structure. There is, however, still a need to increase the number of openings in some positions, and also to grant new promotions, which necessitates the creation of a special period for this purpose."

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