05 November 2012

Autopsies begin on Atabae murders victims bodies

ETLJB 05 November 2012 - A specialist forensic doctor from Bangladesh who is a staff member of the United Nations Integrated Mission in East Timor, Dr Muhammad Nurul Islam, has begun the autopsies on the victims of those killed in the Atabae murders case last week.

Diario Nacional reported on 31 October 2012 that the bodies of three of the victims that are in the mortuary are those of Domingas Laurentina (28), Martinha Bui Soco (31) and Angelino Moko Bae (2 months).

Doctor Nurul Islam is conducting the autopsies under the authorization of the chief of UNMIT following recept of a letter from General Prosecutor Office.

Forensic technician Laura Oliveira Maia at the National Hospital said that “[t]his specialist doctor will conduct the autopsies on the three murdered victims, today (31/10).”

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