13 November 2012

Indonesian company awarded US$87million contract for housing construction

ETLJB 13 November 2012 - According to a report by Tempo Semanal, an Indonesian company styled Carya Timor Leste Pty Ltd has been awarded contracts by the Government of Timor-Leste in 2010 and 2011 the total worth of which is more than $110 million; to be exact $110,933,275.57.

The single largest contract awarded to Carya Timor Leste Pty Ltd was on 5 October 2012 for the construction of 11.140 new houses. Timor-Leste MDG Contract No RDTL 11004352 is worth US$86,898,684 making it the third largest act of public procurement after power plants and the FDTL patrol boats.  It was awarded by prime Minister and President of the Council of Mnisters Award with the contract signed on 12-10-2011.

In 2010 the company was awarded 15 contracts worth US$17,598,712.20

But it was in 2011 that this company won five contracts with a total staggering value of $93,334,563.37; as follows:

    05-10-2011 Construction of New Houses (Total 11,140 houses) Timor- Leste MDG Project. (Contract no. RDTL 11004352) $86,898,684.00

    25-08-2011 Construction of Road and Drainage for the Integrated Boarder Posts at Batugade, Salele and Sakato (Contract No. RDTL-11004012) $2,837,998.37

    05-07-2011 Supply of equipment for Postos Integrado fronteira Batugade, Salele e Sakato (Contract No. RDTL-11002608) $312,161.00

    07-06-2011 Rehabilitation and Maintenance of Runway in Comoro, Stage 2 - under agreement/contract no. (RDTL - 11001711) $2,385,720.00

    02-06-2011 Special Contract Continuation Project, Jardim Metinaro for Heroes (Contract No. RDTL - 11005254) $900,000.00

All of these procurement contracts are published on the Timor-Leste eProcurement Portal.

Tempo Semanal notes that "while most Timorese remain impoverished, an Indonesian business man is becoming extremely wealthy in Timor-Leste."

According to Tempo Semanal, the company was one of the largest political contributors to the CNRT party election campaign.

Many people asked why this Indonesian compnay has been awarded the most government contracts? This question remains because only those in the government can answer.

Source: Tempo Semanal

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