17 May 2009

Support law and justice in East Timor

By monitoring the legal system in East Timor and disseminating information about law and justice issues in East Timor to the global community, ETLJB seeks to promote the rule of law in East Timor, the protection of citizens' rights and scrutiny of the operation of the organs of the East Timorese state - the Parliament, the Government, the Courts and the security forces - to ensure constitutionality of laws and policies and to reveal violations of democratic principles and human rights.

ETLJB is a completely voluntary independent entity that receives no external funding. This ensures impartiality but it also means that operational costs are not funded.

Costs include the maintenance of the East Timor Legal News feed (which now has about 140 subscribers who receive a free East Timor Legal News email alert on new posts), hardware and software and so on.

If you would like to help ETLJB and support the rule of law in East Timor, you can do so by making a donation by clicking on the secure Paypal donation button in the right side bar. You can choose how much to donate.



Anonymous said...

Hi, I wouldnt mind making a modest donation but Paypal wants to do it in USD, cant find a way to change that to AUD but I will try later

Editor said...

Donations may now be made in Australian dollars.


Anonymous said...

can u send me the whole timor leste laws for me? i want to know the whole timor leste laws before i make a donate.pls contact with me at Dili_communicate@hotmail.com thanks.