09 January 2010

Criminal involved in 2006 crisis in Timor-Leste writes to President Horta

Translation of report from “Centro Jornalismu Investigativu Timor-Leste” - Monday, 4 January 2010 From the editor: Dili - The former commander of the secret Fretilin group, Vicente da Conceicao, alias Railos, last Wednesday (30/12/09), delivered a secret letter to the President of the Republic, Jose Ramos Horta, during the joint Christmas celebration with the prisoners at the Becora Jail.

Railos delivered this secret letter directly into the hands of Ramos Horta, but Railos himself refused to disclose its contents to the public.

"This letter is a secret letter between the President of the Republic and I, and only the two of us know its contents," Railos told Suara Timor Timor, from inside the jail.

Railos returned to jail a few weeks ago, after being re-arrested by the National Criminal Investigation Police, which executed an order from the Dili court, allegedly because he used a deadly weapon that mortally wounded Major Domingos Kaikeri, during the 2006 crisis.

When the President of the Republic received the letter, he also refused to make any comment to the STL, and could not confirm the contents of this letter.

"I have not yet read the letter from Railos, that is why I have not commented on it," Horta said.

Railos is a prisoner who during the crisis of 2006 received 14 guns from former Interior Minister Rogerio Lobato, and which he delivered to the state in 2007.

The Catholic church, especially in the person of the Bishop of Dili, Ricardo da Silva was involved in the process of the return of the weapons. (news edited by STL 4 / 1).


FRETILIN Media flash: President Horta should be aware that corrective services laws and regulations prohibit convicted prisoners from corresponding with persons, other than their legal representative, without going through official channels. Once again the law has been broken with impunity.

Moreover, it is important that the President disclose the contents of the letter handed to him, given that Railos was a key controversial figure during the 2006 crisis. The contents of the letter naturally are the subject of unhealthy speculation and rumor mongering, especially in light of news that the President intends to pardon Railos in the list of prisoners publicised recently by his office.

It is a matter of grave public interest that the President exercise transparency in this case and disclose the letter to the public.

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