29 January 2010

Glas Dowr lined up for duty in Kitan in the East Timor-Australia Joint Petroleum Development Area

Published: Jan 27, 2010 Offshore staff HOOFDORP, The Netherlands -- ENI has issued a Letter of Award to Bluewater Energy Services for an FPSO for the Kitan field in the East Timor/Australian Joint Petroleum Development Area.

Confirmation of the award is subject to ENI gaining approval from its co-venturers in the Kitan project, Inpex and Talisman, and the East Timor government.

If confirmed, Bluewater will supply the FPSO Glas Dowr, which formerly operated on the Durward/Dauntless fields in the UK North Sea, for a minimum term of five years after the start of production, extendable to 10 years. The award as its stands covers chartering, operation and maintenance of the upgraded vessel, along with mooring systems, and provision of logistics and ancillary services.

The Kitan field is in JPDA permit 06-105, around 170 km (105 mi) south of the Timor-Leste coast and 500 km (311 mi) north of the Australian mainland. Water depth is around 344 m (1,128 ft).

In the Norwegian North Sea, Bluewater has opted to sell its 55% interest in the Jotun A FPSO to Jotun field operator ExxonMobil Exploration and Production Norway and Standard Marine Nordsje. Stabdard already owns a 45% interest in the vessel.



Image added by ETLJB: Map showing the Australia-East Timor JDPA

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