09 January 2010

FRETILIN, PD & CNRT Say PNTL Still Undeserving of Taking Over From UNPOL

Jornal Diario Nacional: FRETILIN, PD & CNRT Say PNTL Still Undeserving of Taking Over From UNPOL Translation of original Tetum article in Jornal Diario Nacional of 8 January 2010 The National Parliament through its parliamentary groups has declared that with the attitude displayed by some members of the Timor-Leste National Police, who have been unprofessional, displayed a cowboy mentality and therefore does not deserve to be handed over responsibility from the United Nations Police.

FRETILIN Vice President, Arsenio Paix√£o Bano, said the actions of some members of PNTL on the 28th of December resulting in one death, clearly indicates that the PNTL is still not professional enough nor does it have the right mentality to deal with such dangerous situations.

“From our point of view, this case is not only sad for PNTL as an institution, but it is sad for all of the state institutions. Because of this the judiciary must accelerate its work with respect to this case to its conclusion,” said FRETILIN MP Bano. According to Bano FRETILIN is of the view that the response by police that results in shooting of civilians, must also be resolved quickly by the Minister for Defence and Security who is also the Prime Minister. As well Bano added that the competent entity must undertake a ballistic analysis to ascertain from which institution’s weapons the fatal bullet came from.

“IN this case I also request the police not to defend one of its members who are the culprits but to defend the truth,” declared Bano. MP Rui Meneses from the PD bench said that some members of the PNTL have recently indicated that they are still undeserving of taking over responsibility from UNPOL.

Because he says the mentality of some PNTL members is still inadequate to confront some essential problems that arise in their work.

“Although there has been criminal conduct by some PNTL members it does not reflect on PNTL as an institution. We all demand from PNTL as an institution that it strengthen the capacity and integrity so that it can provide security to our people and nation, and so the PNTL Commander Longuinhos Monteiro, has to give his attention to this,” Rui pointed out. IN the meantime the President of Committee B Duarte Nunes also said that at the moment the Dili District PNTL is undeserving of taking over responsibility from UNPOL. Because unprofessional conduct has been shown from some police officers.

He suggested that this is an institution that needed to continue to be promoted, increasing capacity and the mentality of each police officer so that he or she does not behave as he or she wishes when acting in their work.

However he added that with the incident which recently occurred that it must be investigated in depth so that there is a desirable outcome. Otherwise according to him, everyone will continue to be concerned with the situation. (Ends)

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