08 February 2009

East Timor Government Decree Law No 33/2008 on Hygiene and Public Order

ETLJ 08 February 2009 - The English translation of East Timor Government Decree Law No 33/2008 of the 27th of August on Hygiene and Public Order has now been published in the East Timor Law Journal. Promulgated on 18 August 2008. Published on 27 August 2008. Excerpt follows:

"Timorese legislation does not as yet cover Local Power bodies, although many competences typical of these bodies require regulation with the purpose of guaranteeing public order and the correct use of public assets.

The basic rules of coexistence in urban areas are established here by the Government, which also institutes basin fiscal management mechanisms such as the possibility of imposing fines on district administrations and the seizure and loss of assets in an irregular situation.

Thus, under the terms of line c) of number 1 of article 115 of the Constitution of the Republic, the Government decrees the following, to have the standing of a law:

Article 1
The present Decree Law establishes the administrative policy measures for the Districts
in matters of hygiene and public order, fixing statutes for the relations between the Public
Administration and citizens.

Article 2
Scope of Application
This Decree Law is applicable to the urban areas of Districts, except in regard to
disposition whose scope of application is expressly limited to certain areas or locations
within a determined District.

Article 3
Nature of Penalties
Infractions of the present Decree Law constitute misdemeanours punishable by a fine."

Read the full text of the unofficial English translation of the Decree Law 33/2008 on Hygiene and Public Order
East Timor Law Journal

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