17 February 2009

"Futuru Nabilan": UNMIT's Weekly Radio Programme

UNMIT - Dili, East Timor Radio UNMIT's Futuru Nabilan programme is broadcast every Saturday at 5.30 pm and Sunday at 6.00 pm on RTL, as well as through the country's 14 Community Radio stations. It is a 30 minute program in Tetum with a roundup of news, features and interviews related to the UNMIT mandate. In Dili, listen to RTL on 91.5 FM, and in the districts, check for the frequency in your area.

The programme for this week will be on the website Monday morning and includes:


* Prosecutor General holds a press conference to provide updates on the 11 February investigations

* 63 PNTL officers from Comoro sub-district receive training on Crime and Criminal Procedures

* Update on land and property issues from Liquica


Improving Timor-Leste's prison system pt.1

Prisons are a vital part of the entire justice system. Development of operational capacity in prisons is crucial in order to ensure that Timor-Leste's prisons meet international standards. This includes improving the infrastructure as well as building the capacity of prison staff, managers and prisoners. The Government, together with UNDP and UNMIT, are currently working together to improve the prison system in Timor-Leste to meet the international standards. What improvements to the prison system have so far been been achieved? Why is it important to improve the prison system? What is the function of prisons? This week's feature focuses on the changes that Timor-Leste's prison infrastructure has undergone.

PSA – Voter Registration Suco Electioon 2009

If you have suggestions or comments about the program, call the Radio Unit of the Communications and Public Information Office (CPIO) at extension 5375 or email: unmit-media@un.org.

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