01 January 2011

Baucau District Police holds socialisation on security in Darelata

Televizaun Tiomr-Leste, December 16, 2010 language source: Tetun - Baucau District Police Commander has held socialisation on security maintenance with the local residents of Darelata in Bademori of Venilale sub-district after the police failed to detain a gang of robbers who has many times threatened the local residents.

Baucau District Operational Police Commander, Inspector Chief Joao Baptista, said they had hunted down the illegal group which had threatened and stolen the people's properties.

"We will continue holding operations in Venilale and we will not stop the operations and we will never give space to this illegal group to expand their activities in this area, as it will cause instability and make people not to live in peaceful situation," Inspector Chief Baptista said.

Baucau Police Commander, Superintendent Chief, Hendrique da Costa said he did believe that people who joined in this illegal group were more than ten people and said they were well-organized.

"At least there are more than ten people and they are well-organized to go into the local residents' houses stealing goods. They are in masks and therefore it is difficult for the local residents to recognise them, but the police will continue collecting information that will support the police to find out those who involve in this illegal activity," da Costa said.

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