25 January 2011

Evicting residents was the last resort says Justice Minister Lobato

The heavy hands of the police are laid again on Timor's poor
Diario Nacional, January 24, 2011 language source: Tetun - The East Timor Minister for Justice Lucia Lobato said evicting the local residents from official government residences in Bairo Pite [the former Brimob housing estate] was the last resort, as they had not abided by the law.

Minister Lobato stressed that this is the last option for the government to resolve the problem.

"The Government does not issue a dispatch recklessly and deploying the police force was the Government's last resort" Lobato said.

The Justice Minister Lobato confirmed that the local residents were breaking the law and that they have been compensated, but still refused to vacate the disputed housing area.

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