11 January 2011

Condolences to the victims of floods in Australia

ETLJB expresses sincere condolences to the Australian people in the wake of terrifying weather events that are striking the state of Queensland. Almost 20 people have been killed and dozens are missing as the flood crisis in Australia continues to worsen with officials issuing emotional warnings to the nation of more grim news to come.

The great flood is being called the worst in Australia's history with three-quarters of the state of Queensland inundated as dozens of rivers break their banks and wash into towns and cities across the region.

A regional city and several rural towns were hit hard by a gigantic wave of water described as an inland tsunami yesterday and scenes of devastation emerge across the northeastern Australian State.

Heavy rains continue to swamp the region and the capital Brisbane is now facing its worst threat since World War II as a surge of floodwaters rush toward the city which is unprotected by flood barriers. Up to 30000 homes are expected to be impacted by the flood waters.

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