15 January 2011

Police capture six Chinese women at my flower Bar

Radio Timor-Leste, January 14, 2011 language source: Tetun - The Timorese National Police (PNTL) and the UN-GNR Police have captured six Chinese women at Serulin Bar known as my Flower Bar, in Bairo Grilos, the down town of the Capital of Dili.

A security guard named Luis Alves who witnessed the arrest said the operation was held on Thursday morning where the police arrested those Chinese citizens and also one man who is the owner of the bar.

Alves affirmed he does not know what is the motive of capturing the six Chinese women at the referred bar.

During the operations, the police also confiscatedseveral evidences, such as amount of money in the bar.

Alves added that in the operations the police also damaged some chairs and tables; include some other goods in the bar.

Acting Commander for Operational Police, Eugenio Pereira recognized that the PNTL and the GNR police did the operations, but refused to give what the reason is.

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