22 January 2011

PNTL expel people who are living in Government properties

Government uses police to evict the people from their homes
Timornewsline, January 21, 2011 Dili, timornewsline, - The Government through Timorese National Police (PNTL) has evicted people who were living in the former Indonesian Brimob Barrack in Bairro Pite, Dili.

Director of a national NGO LIFET, Domingos de Araujo Babtista, said that the Government should create some conditions for the people before evicting them from that place.

"I consider that the government is really irresponsible, our people are not an animals and therefore I am calling on the Government to prepare a proper conditions for them as they are human being.

The Government should not force them out like an animal, they are people of the country and have also contributed to the development of the nation," Baptista said.

Baptista added that the eviction of the people was illegal as it is not outlined in the constitution, adding that the government through land and property directorate should give an administrative defence before make eviction for the community that are living in government properties.

"The Government that uses PNTL to force evictions on the people is like a dictator and a regime that use force to oblige the people of this country and I consider that this country is not a democracy but is a dictatorship.

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